Bank Payment Obligation


Target audience:

All those involved in conducting international trade and seeking to mitigate its risks.


The new risk mitigation in international trade, created by SWIFT to underpin exposures in Open Account trade.

The key issues are:

  • What is a BPO?
  • Who issues it to whom and when?
  • On what terms and conditions?
  • Who is eligible?
  • How does the BPO compare to the process flow and risks in a Documentary Letter of Credit, a Standby Letter of Credit and a Documentary Collection?
  • How is BPO tied in with SWIFT’s electronic documents database, the Trade Services Utility?

How will banks view their exposure under BPO compared to Letter of Credit and how will banking regulators assess banks’ risks – which will then emerge as the BPO issuance fee?

These are vital questions to be briefed about for potential new users of BPO in both banks and trading companies.


  • critical comparison feature-by-feature with traditional trade instruments
  • backed by detailed knowledge of the risk-weighted assets methodologies used by banks to price risk-bearing commitments
  • expert analysis based on detailed knowledge of processes, risks, documentation and financing options

Price and Condensed Agenda:

The cost of this course delivered in-house is £2,000 plus expenses, plus VAT if applicable.

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