German court decision on ECB’s Qualitative Easing: more fudge than Thornton’s

I can’t help regarding this decision of the Bundesverfassungsgericht (BVG) as a bit of a fudge. It is rendered less biting because (i) this is part of a long-running saga bouncing between the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the BVG; (ii) the case is being pursued by people whom the courts can characterise as […]

UK is the Eurozone’s dumping ground – by Professor David Blake

I am delighted to feature the recent paper by Professor David Blake entitled “UK is the Eurozone’s dumping ground”.

You can download it here

David and I, with Barney Reynolds, were co-authors of the recently published book “Managing Euro Risk”, issued through Politeia.

David has built on the book to prove how the Euro also acts as a […]

The anti-cash lobby – Migrant Remittances and COVID-19

Headline on 14th February 2020: a triumph for the campaign being waged by the UK’s National Economic Crime Centre

While the
anti-cash lobby are busy like performing seals applauding the supposed shift to
digital payment means that COVID-19 will usher in, a concern that has gone
under the radar is that it must be possible, during the pandemic, for
remittances […]

The anti-cash lobby – Migrant Remittances

Recent extent of spread of COVID-19

Migrant Remittances are associated with Money Services
Businesses (“MSBs”), where the migrant in question delivers cover for the
payment order in cash, and the MSB transfers the proceeds to the beneficiary,
typically friends and family in the country that is home to the counterpart
community of the one in the sender’s country to which […]

The anti-cash lobby – national or international authorities as fellow travellers

In a previous blog I cited, as fellow travellers of the
anti-cash lobby, national or international authorities charged with enabling
the meeting of UN Development Goals, and accepting that the way these will be
met is through Fintech, rather than on the back of cash.

A prime example of such a national organisation is the UK’s
DfID or the Department […]

The anti-cash lobby – frontrunners, fellow travellers or “useful idiots”?

Which Phylum are you in?

A taxonomy of the anti-cash lobby is not taxing.

First we have the frontrunners, dissing cash as part of a pump-and-dump strategy to make their own offerings fly commercially:

Crypto (but don’t mention eco to them: a single crypto
transaction consumes the same electricity as Bridlington does in a year)Fintechs proposing their digital or […]

The anti-cash lobby – principals

It’s about convergence on POS with a nice fat deduction-from-face-value – 8% if possible

It must be absolutely obvious who are the principals in the campaign
to eliminate cash – it’s the card issuers and the card brands. Both have
serious financial interests in play.

In the UK the major banks have reduced their branch networks and with it […]

The anti-cash lobby – frontrunners, fellow travellers or useful idiots?

Lenin – the supposed inventor of the phrase “useful idiots”

Who are the anti-cash lobby and why are they so against
other people using what they like to pay for stuff?

This lobby has become vocal during the COVID-19 crisis (as
if it was not vocal enough before) in conflating usage with cash with spreading
the virus.

Prior to that the […]

Leaving your creditors to whistle in the wind – and an £88,000 chunder…

Report on the trial of the miscreant Richard Towne – “the Zeeland Sands Chunderer”

We have done four previous blogs about the punishment of economic crime as recorded in the Old Bailey archives and particularly for the period when we have the “Ordinary’s Account” of the resulting executions.

Now we should move on to the cases of […]

Uttering a forged Bill of Exchange or Promissory Note – it could prove fatal

Extract from “Ordinary’s Account” of executions at the Tyburn on 23rd March 1752

We have recently published three blogs about economic crime
in the modern day and its equivalents in the Old Bailey archives, with special
references to the “Ordinary’s Accounts”: the Newgate prison chaplain’s narrative
about each condemned prisoner and their crime.

Report OA17520323 of 23rd […]