Key Information

  • Former name – Barnridge Limited
  • Registered office – 6 The Glebe Wells Norfolk NR23 1AZ
  • Company number – 4428435
  • UK VAT registration number – 838 5410 17
  • Shareholders – RJ Lyddon, D E Lyddon
  • Directors – RJ Lyddon, D E Lyddon
  • Company secretary – D E Lyddon
  • Auditors – Trotman & Co
  • Bankers – Lloyds Bank plc
  • Company year-end: 31st March
  • Latest annual report available: 31st March 2019


In response to the General Data Protection Regulation, effective 25th May 2018, we have ceased our newsletter and deleted all data of subscribers to it. We have also securely shredded all the business cards which were in in our possession where we are not in regular contact with the person involved.

You need to share no data with us in order to follow our blogs on or access downlaods from this website, or to see our material where we share it: our business Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Finextra.

Should you wish to contact us, please use the “Contact” facility on this website, within which we can permission one another to keep and use data as required by any business relationship we agree to establish.