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EU borrowings for Next Generation EU contradict representations made to bond investors

There is ongoing dispute about the next EU budget of which the COVID-19 recovery package (“Next Generation EU” or “NGEU”) is a part, on the basis that the money should or should not be tied to adherence to EU diktats in other areas.

A focus on this area is convenient for the EU as a
distraction from […]

TARGET2 Imbalances – analysis of accounting and risk

We visited the Bundesbank in December 2019 to discuss the large imbalances in TARGET2, and to discover how these imbalances were derived from the 600 original account balances.

These are the balances on the 600 nostro and vostro accounts held between the 24 TARGET2-participating National Central Banks and the ECB itself.

We were given the Multilateral Netting […]

Lucky, lucky, lucky – ECB meltdown fell on a Friday

As published on 9th November 2020 by accountingcpd.net

On 20th October the European Central Bank’s main
Euro payments system went down for 8 hours – so lucky it was a Friday.

TARGET2 was down from 14:40 CET until 22:30 CET, supposedly
because of the failure of a network device, and both the hot and warm stand-by
systems failed to take […]

Why SNP want to keep the pound January 2014

You can download our paper “Why SNP want to keep the pound” from January 2014 by clicking this link.

The Smith Commission – buying the Great SNP Bluff February 2015

You can download our paper “The Smith Commission – buying the Great SNP Bluff” from February 2015 by clicking on this link.

My involvement with the Association of UK Payment Institutions (AUKPI)

Regrettably my involvement with AUKPI as chair of its Executive Committee has come to a premature end. AUKPI – both the trade association and the company that the association is based on – are having to be wound up. This was decided upon in the week of 21st September when it was reported, in the […]

EU breaks its own treaty to create Coronavirus Recovery Fund

My article top left on Daily Telegraph homepage

For those of you who cannot get behind the Daily Telegraph paywall, here is the full text of my article that was given such prominence on 16th September 2020…

There is enormous gnashing of teeth
and rending of garments over the government’s Brexit fallback bill and its
supposed breach of an […]

Porter’s Five Forces analysis for SEPA

I have posted this up here now as I have used this as a reference in my MA essay on industrialisation for the Open University ‘Local History’ course.

Click here to download

The Great EU Budget Deception – the 9th Brexit Paper published by Global Britain

We have had another paper in the Brexit Papers series published by Global Britain.

It is subtitled “The EU 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework and Coronavirus Recovery Fund: a dagger aimed at the Republic of Ireland, or a con trick on all EU citizens and on financial market investors?”

It is a con trick played […]


Cover of the new report

I was priviliged to be asked to contribute the figures on the UK’s future financial liabilities to the EU under the current Withdrawal Agreement, and also to set out how the liabilities can better be dealt with – you can click here to download the full report