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The ECB and the PEPP: why are the credit ratings of EU/Eurozone public sector issuers inflated by as many as four notches?

The discussions and calls following the launch of my Bruges Group paper “The ECB’s Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme” surfaced two areas for further examination.

One was the “pot calling the kettle black” issue: why is the UK structurally and materially in a superior position (even if we have the wrong direction-of-travel and share some of the […]

ECB and its PEPP programme: why are we doing a better job in the UK?

I have been in a lot of calls since the launch of my Bruges Group paper “The ECB’s Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme”.

Two issues keep coming up and so I have decided to write two notes on them.

This first one comes down to the pot not calling the kettle black. Or, put more elegantly, […]

Video – ECB Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme

Walk-through of newly-issued Bruges Group paper on the ECB PEPP programme – the epitome of the failure of the euro.


The ECB’s Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme – epitome of the failure of the euro

We have had a new paper published through The Bruges Group.

It is about the ECB’s new QE programme, called the PEPP or Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme.The sub-title of the paper encapsulates it very nicely: “the undermining of the Eurozone as a free financial market, the epitome of the failure of the Euro project, […]

Comparison table of UK Finance Report – “Future-ready payments 2030: a dynamic, purposeful and united agenda for the UK”, February 2021

UK Finance’s report on the future of UK payments

We have compiled a comparison table between the plans for UK payments as foreseen by:

UK Finance’s “Future-ready payments 2030: a dynamic, purposeful and united agenda for the UK”, of February 2021; The Payment Strategy Forum’s “A Payments Strategy for the 21st century: putting the needs of users […]

Target tax-avoiding EU schemes, not Conservative voters, Mr Sunak

Second article based on my interview with the Daily Express
about tax avoidance and state aid by companies using bases in Ireland and
Luxembourg to trade into the UK…


Ending EU tax loopholes could save Britain £15 BILLION every year – ‘We’ve been pillaged!’

My interview for the Daily Express with Ciaran McGrath on the abuses and state aid used to deny the UK exchequer billions of pounds of tax revenues on UK sales:


Vaccine immunity can move P2P shocker – Irish border to be closed

Storm clouds gather for the Northern Ireland Protocol

From our special European correspondent Hieronymus Graf von Lupin-Bridgerton

EU officials moved today to close the Irish border in
response to the shocking revelation that COVID-19 immunity can be passed
person-to-person, from one who has received the vaccination to one who has not.

Tests carried out at Laboratoire Macaroonier in Paris showed
immunity […]

EU “emergency powers” spuriously based on TFEU Article 122

This is the paper in which I explored the misuse by the EU of Article 122 in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union in order, in this case, to bypass the normal budget process and set up the coronavirus recovery fund, euphemistically re-named as Next Generation EU.

Please click here to download

The powers […]

Mustier walks the plant to enable Unicredit/Paschi merger – over the small matter of a €20 billion valuation gap

From the fiction shelves of any Italian public library…

Jean-Pierre Mustier – the CEO who has restored Faith in Unicredit – is leaving: a bombshell. This demonstrates the desperation of the Italian political and financial establishment to get Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) packed away safely to a domestic institution, and to pacify Brussels by […]