Ending EU tax loopholes could save Britain £15 BILLION every year – ‘We’ve been pillaged!’

My interview for the Daily Express with Ciaran McGrath on the abuses and state aid used to deny the UK exchequer billions of pounds of tax revenues on UK sales:


Vaccine immunity can move P2P shocker – Irish border to be closed

Storm clouds gather for the Northern Ireland Protocol

From our special European correspondent Hieronymus Graf von Lupin-Bridgerton

EU officials moved today to close the Irish border in
response to the shocking revelation that COVID-19 immunity can be passed
person-to-person, from one who has received the vaccination to one who has not.

Tests carried out at Laboratoire Macaroonier in Paris showed
immunity […]

EU “emergency powers” spuriously based on TFEU Article 122

This is the paper in which I explored the misuse by the EU of Article 122 in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union in order, in this case, to bypass the normal budget process and set up the coronavirus recovery fund, euphemistically re-named as Next Generation EU.

Please click here to download

The powers […]

EU borrowings for Next Generation EU contradict representations made to bond investors

There is ongoing dispute about the next EU budget of which the COVID-19 recovery package (“Next Generation EU” or “NGEU”) is a part, on the basis that the money should or should not be tied to adherence to EU diktats in other areas.

A focus on this area is convenient for the EU as a
distraction from […]

EU breaks its own treaty to create Coronavirus Recovery Fund

My article top left on Daily Telegraph homepage

For those of you who cannot get behind the Daily Telegraph paywall, here is the full text of my article that was given such prominence on 16th September 2020…

There is enormous gnashing of teeth
and rending of garments over the government’s Brexit fallback bill and its
supposed breach of an […]

German court decision on ECB’s Qualitative Easing: more fudge than Thornton’s

I can’t help regarding this decision of the Bundesverfassungsgericht (BVG) as a bit of a fudge. It is rendered less biting because (i) this is part of a long-running saga bouncing between the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the BVG; (ii) the case is being pursued by people whom the courts can characterise as […]

UK is the Eurozone’s dumping ground – by Professor David Blake

I am delighted to feature the recent paper by Professor David Blake entitled “UK is the Eurozone’s dumping ground”.

You can download it here

David and I, with Barney Reynolds, were co-authors of the recently published book “Managing Euro Risk”, issued through Politeia.

David has built on the book to prove how the Euro also acts as a […]