Payment Services Directive 2


Target audience:

Aimed at both providers and users of payment services, and market participants such as new market entrants, vendors and CSMs. Fosters an understanding of the scope, impact and timing of PSD 2 and on the changes it may cause to current services and practices.


Based on a series of blocks of learning supported by quizzes and exercises, on the current environment after PSD 1, and given the status of SEPA and the other regulatory elements that the EU is proposing.

It then examines the extensions of scope in PSD 2 to “leg-out” payments, the impact of each Title of the Directive, implementation timing, how it would fit into the industry timeline and enable the EU’s agenda for internet, mobile and card payments.

In particular we look at the meaning of the term Third-Party Providers (Payment Initiation Service Providers and Account Information Service Providers) and what market actors could emerge from scope.

We also look at the changes to the provisions around “Limited Networks” and “Payment Institutions” and whether the regime becomes so restrictive as to backfire – the EU would then inhibit the very actors that its original Green Paper intended to promote.

Lastly we cover off the outstanding issues and implications of scope differences between PSD and SEPA.


  • Facilitates rapid understanding of scope and impact
  • Contexts PSD within several mandatory and self-regulatory initiatives in the same space
  • Launchpad for benchmarking of PSD 2 projects

Price and Condensed Agenda:

The cost of this course delivered in-house is £2,000 plus expenses, plus VAT if applicable.

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