Remainers admit that Labour’s economic growth plans are pie-in-the-sky

Labour’s plans for the economy

Labour’s plans for growing the UK economy have been highlighted as being based on fresh air by a group of prominent Remainers and Rejoiners:

Their argument is that Labour’s plans for growth are unachievable without a shot-in-the-arm from somewhere. That we can agree on. They contend that rejoining the EU is this […]

De-coding Rachel Reeves – Labour is the no-risk economic option as the outcome is certain: it’s disaster

Cover of Global Britain paper

Labour’s plans for the economy once they are in power have been dressed up in words like ‘stability’, ‘investment’, and ‘security’. They represent a great leap forward – over the precipice on the edge of which the UK already teeters.

This is laid out in the Global Britain paper ‘De-coding Rachel Reeves […]

Increasing debt imposed on EU citizens and businesses by EU institutions

Title of article in the Journal des Libertés

This is the article that has been published in the Winter 2023/4 edition of the Journal des Libertés and which is based on my address to the IES-IREF Summer University in Aix-en-Provence.

You can download the full article here.

Its major topic is InvestEU, the scheme arranged by the European […]

New task bolted on to European Stability Mechanism – with how much extra risk?

How the ESM now backstops the SRF

– First published by IREF Online –

Published on 27th November 2023


The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) will now be backstop-of-last-resort to the Eurozone banking system, in addition to backstopping the Eurozone member states and the currency itself. Its resources have not been increased, though, despite its credibility and firepower already […]

Eurozone unemployment – a testimony to the failure to create a genuinely harmonised economic zone

Daily Express headline

Published on 27th November 2023

Eurozone unemployment is an average and disguises wide variations, with youth unemployment being unacceptably high in several Club Med countries.

That is the problem with making important policy decisions at several levels removed from economic units whose characteristics widely diverge.

The fact that this is the situation is a testament to […]

The dire state of creditworthiness in the Eurozone governments and banks

Published on 12th September 2023

I had an interview with John Butler on the state of creditworthiness amongst Eurozone governments and banks – not good!

Eurozone dream in tatters as ‘financial vandalism’ threatens EU stability

Blog published on 11th September 2023

Article as published in the Daily Express on 31 August 2023

With the Eurozone’s money supply shrinking for the first time since 2010, a banking expert has said Europe’s economy has been damaged by what he called “incoherent financial vandalism”.

Bob Lyddon also believes the situation is being exacerbated by members of […]

Cross-examination by of my presentation in Aix-en-Provence about the European Stability Mechanism

My book, upon which all is based

Published on 7th September 2023

After my presentation at the IES-IREF Summer School in Aix-en-Provence about the European Stability Mechanism and its dependency on France’s retaining its AA-rating, the French business website asked me a series of follow up questions, and here are the answers in English.

Here is a […]

Euro is like Bitcoin, substantially without backing

Collapsing Euro is riskier than ‘gambling on Bitcoin’

Published on 6th September 2023

The Express reinforced my Comment piece themselves the following day: leading economist has warned that the Euro is only being sustained because the credit rating agencies have not downgraded Germany yet.

Writing for Bob Lyddon, has warned that investing in the currency is now less safe than “gambling on bitcoin” […]

The euro – no better than bitcoin?

Keeping the flag flying for the euro

Published on 2th September 2023

This piece appeared as a Comment in the Daily Express. It is about the implications of the European Stability Mechanism being so weak, given that it is the main backing for the euro:

Digital currencies – bitcoin, stablecoin, Britcoin et al – makes your head spin. […]