How can HSBC’s China real estate lending be unsecured?

Daily Express headline for the article on which this blog is based

This is the third and final blog in my mini-series about the exposure of Britsh banks to China, and to Chinese real estate lending in particular.

You can acecss the whole Daily Express article of which the snapshot above is the headline through this link:

I […]

HSBC and Standard Chartered send the same emollient messages about heavy losses on China

Daily Express article headline

This is the second of the three blogs on the problems of British banks in China.

You can access the whole article to which the above snapshot is the headline, via the Daily Express website through this link:

HSBC released their Q3 2023 results a few days after Standard Chartered did the same, and […]

Big hit for UK’s Standard Chatered Bank on Chinese business

Original Daily Express article

This is the first in a series of three blogs that I will be releasing in quick succession, on China and the problems of British banks there.

You can access the whole article beneath the Daily Express headline via this link:

Standard Chartered took two write-downs in Q3 2023.

Firstly a £596 million reduction […]

Risk-weighting – how to fake up resilience in a banking system

— as published by IREF Europe on 5th April 2023 —


How resilient is the global banking system? Are banks’ capital buffers now much larger than they were going into the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/8, as authorities claim?

The buffers – called ‘Common Equity Tier 1’ (or CET1), ‘Tier 1 Capital’, and ‘Total Capital’ – stand […]

Bank Resolution is dead: authorities dare not use it – and instead risk destroying capital markets

— as published by IREF Europe on 29th March 2023 —

The template created after the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/8 to shield taxpayers from direct bailouts of failed banks has already folded – authorities dare not use it.

The template is to put failed banks into ‘resolution’, with retail and small business depositors receiving compensation up […]