Rishi Sunak’s minimum 15% global corporation tax rate may have failed, but the Kremlin has stuck the boot in (inadvertently)

Original Brexit-Watch.org article

Our Brexit-Watch.org article last week showed how tax-leveraged leasing through Ireland was a major contributor to the BigTech and Biotech companies minimizing their corporation tax payments:https://www.brexit-watch.org/irelands-fear-of-depending-on-foreign-companies-tax-receipts-is-unfounded-for-the-wrong-reasonsWhilst Rishi Sunak’s much-trumpeted minimum 15% global corporation tax rate won’t have any effect at all, the Kremlin has intervened by passing a law that re-registers 500+ aircraft […]

National Insurance rise is the working people’s punishment for the failure of Rishi Sunak’s minimum 15% global corporation tax rate

Brexit-Watch.org article of 14 March 2022

Ireland’s corporation tax receipts continue to rise, thanks to their ‘Celtic Tiger’ business model:


This was already costing the UK £10 billion a year in lost corporation tax in 2016:

The UK’s lost GDP and tax revenues

Ireland’s takings have increased by 386% between 2009 and 2021; that implies at least a doubling of the loss to the UK […]

Target tax-avoiding EU schemes, not Conservative voters, Mr Sunak

Second article based on my interview with the Daily Express
about tax avoidance and state aid by companies using bases in Ireland and
Luxembourg to trade into the UK…


Ending EU tax loopholes could save Britain £15 BILLION every year – ‘We’ve been pillaged!’

My interview for the Daily Express with Ciaran McGrath on the abuses and state aid used to deny the UK exchequer billions of pounds of tax revenues on UK sales: