Bob and earlier the company have undertaken many consulting projects. However, confidentiality is important hence we do not name our customers or seek public endorsements. References and endorsements are available upon request.

We have a wide range range of expertise in our field so please do contact us to discuss your project needs.

Here are some example engagements undertaken:

  • Running the IBOS international banking club up to a point, in September 2016, where it gave its members access to countries constituting 70% of the world’s GDP
  • Within IBOS, managing the specifications and operational procedures behind the services – based on SWIFT MT messages 101, 103, 192, 195, 196, 202, 202 COV, 920, 940, 941, 942 and 950
  • Delivering IBOS’ compliance solutions including for PSD1, EU AML Directives, MT202 COV
  • Expert witness in a case involving the usage of the MT103 and the MT202 COV
  • Development of a cross-currency notional pooling service for a European supra-regional bank
  • Support for a UK trade association for small payment companies seeking to understand de-risking by major banks and its background in the work of Financial Action Taskforce, EU AML/CFT Directives and the guidelines issued by Wolfsberg Group and the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group
  • Expert witness on a case involving invoice fraud and the usage of MT103 Serial payments
  • Examination of opportunties in the UK Payments landscape for a major supplier of network and messaging services to the banking industry, in the light of the creation of the Payment Systems Regulator and the UK government’s policy of stimulating innovation and competition
  • Comparison of eBanking platforms for a global bank to extrapolate which should be the ones targeted for development as the principle carriers of the bank’s value propositions, and which should be downscaled to tactical, back-up and single country solutions
  • Positioning a global supplier of interbank messaging and communications facilities towards opportunities in low-value payments in a new market, leveraging off regulatory change
  • Compiling operational procedures for the payment factory being established by a global bank
  • Healthcheck on SEPA programme for a European network of sports clubs
  • Selection of global current accounting platforms for a global bank from the choices of two large domestic systems, and two regional systems, so as to come out with one platform on which all major developments would be concentrated
  • Scoping a SEPA out-of-the-box offering for an IT integration software vendor