SWIFT for Corporates


Target audience:

Participants from all parts of the Payments & Cash Management industry (banks, corporate, vendors) who want to learn about the scope and value of SWIFT Corporate Access and the issues it is meant to solve


Focuses first on the needs of a centralised corporate for reporting and payments, and how these needs are and are not met by traditional service offerings, such as using a Treasury Workstation or an aggregator bank.We look at the purpose and scope of banks’ proprietary eBanking offerings and how they would be inserted into a complex corporate environment, and the data transformation and IT security issues that result.

Having established the market space that SWIFT for Corporates addresses, we look at the offering that SWIFT itself brings, and the offerings from SWIFT Partners that are enabled:

  • Direct connectivity options
  • SWIFT Bureaux
  • integration with Treasury Management and ERP packages

Lastly we look at the messaging and the banks, and the advantages and issues:

  • Banks’ SWIFT Readiness and what it means
  • FIN messaging (940, 942, 101) and ISO20022
  • FileAct and InterAct
  • The contractual options – the original MACUG and its successor SCORE


  • Covers all of technical connection, contracts and services, and the basic connection decision between Service Bureau or direct connection
  • Based on the issues that the offering is meant to solve
  • Includes practical guidance on the SWIFT messages and facilities that will be used

Price and Condensed Agenda:

The cost of this course delivered in-house is £2,000 plus expenses.

Please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

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