Basel III Capital & Leverage


Target audience:

Bank executives in lending and financial control, and in structuring credit products.


  • What was deemed to have been lacking in Basel II
  • New qualification for funds to count as Common Equity and as other types of Tier 1 capital
  • Amount of Tier 1 capital to be held
  • New qualification for funds to count as Tier 2 capital
  • Total capital to be held and ceiling on the amount of that which can be Tier 2 capital
  • Extra buffer for different levels of GSIFI – Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions
  • Counter-cyclical buffer – to be imposed by national regulators in times of high credit growth
  • What are all the above measures a percentage of? Answer: Risk-Weighted Assets
  • Permissible Risk-weighting methodologies
  • Overall leverage ratio to control very aggressive Risk-weighting methodologies


  • Headline issues addressed in condensed form
  • Sets Basel III in the context of both Basel I and II and the financial crisis
  • Based around a formal management consulting analysis

Price and Condensed Agenda:

The cost of this course delivered in-house is £2,000 plus expenses.

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