Supply Chain and Export Finance


Target audience:

All those either dealing with international trade, managing the risks of international trade, or managing the treasury functions in an international business, as well as all those bankers who wish to serve businesses like this and develop suitable capabilities for them.


The trend towards open account trade from usage of secured instruments like Documentary Collection and Letters of Credit has tended to obscure the risks in trade during the politically benign period 1989-2008.

At the same time the rise of electronic commerce and global supply chains has not been accompanied by appropriate new payment instruments.

In this course we cover the traditional and emerging instruments and the financing schemes available around them, both for ongoing commerce and for major projects. There is a major focus on who carries what risk in each stage in a transaction and what banking services are available to help parties mitigate their risk.


  • focused on risks and financing
  • deals with all types of risk, including political and transfer risk
  • challenges assumptions about Open Account trade
  • delivered by a banking practitioner with 34 years of experience and a consultant who sells services cross-border around the world

Price and Condensed Agenda:

The cost of this course delivered in-house is £2,000 plus expenses.

Please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

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