The anti-cash lobby – Migrant Remittances and COVID-19

Published on 12 April 2020

While the anti-cash lobby are busy like performing seals applauding the supposed shift to digital payment means that COVID-19 will usher in, a concern that has gone under the radar is that it must be possible, during the pandemic, for remittances to flow, and quickly, and without massive fee deductions, from […]

The anti-cash lobby – national or international authorities as fellow travellers

Published on 10 April 2020

In a previous blog I cited, as fellow travellers of the anti-cash lobby, national or international authorities charged with enabling the meeting of UN Development Goals, and accepting that the way these will be met is through Fintech, rather than on the back of cash.

A prime example of such a national […]

The anti-cash lobby – principals

Published on 8 April 2020

It must be absolutely obvious who are the principals in the campaign to eliminate cash – it’s the card issuers and the card brands. Both have serious financial interests in play.

In the UK the major banks have reduced their branch networks and with it their ATM estates – to cut costs. […]