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Spillover potential for the UK from rout in the China property market

Shanghai financial centre

Blog published on 11th September 2023 and article as published on 16th August 2023 in the Daily Express

China’s potential economic meltdown, with its £2.4trillion banking system under threat, has “definite spillover potential” for the UK, a banking expert has warned.

Consultant Bob Lyddon was speaking after the UK stock market slumped yesterday as a […]

Cross-examination by contrepoints.org of my presentation in Aix-en-Provence about the European Stability Mechanism

My book, upon which all is based

Published on 7th September 2023

After my presentation at the IES-IREF Summer School in Aix-en-Provence about the European Stability Mechanism and its dependency on France’s retaining its AA-rating, the French business website contrepoints.org asked me a series of follow up questions, and here are the answers in English.

Here is a […]

Euro is like Bitcoin, substantially without backing

Collapsing Euro is riskier than ‘gambling on Bitcoin’

Published on 6th September 2023

The Express reinforced my Comment piece themselves the following day:https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1800197/collapsing-euro-bitcoin-gambling-debtA leading economist has warned that the Euro is only being sustained because the credit rating agencies have not downgraded Germany yet.

Writing for Express.co.uk Bob Lyddon, has warned that investing in the currency is now less safe than “gambling on bitcoin” […]

The euro – no better than bitcoin?

Keeping the flag flying for the euro

Published on 2th September 2023

This piece appeared as a Comment in the Daily Express. It is about the implications of the European Stability Mechanism being so weak, given that it is the main backing for the euro:https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1799489/EU-latest-news-euro-against-pound-euro-collapse

Digital currencies – bitcoin, stablecoin, Britcoin et al – makes your head spin. […]

European Stability Mechanism hanging by a thread on France’s credit rating

Published on 5th September 2023

The Daily Express picked up on my article pubished through IREF about the European Stability Mechanism:


The ESM’s firepower – to back the debts of Eurozone member states and thereby to act as the backstop for the currency itself – depends upon its having backers of sufficient size and with high enough […]

UK’s debt is NOT larger than the EU’s

Bruges Group book summary

Published on 5th September 2023

The Campaign for an Independent Britain published this piece that the UK’s debt is not larger than the EU’s as the Daily Telegraph had claimed, if the EU member states’ shadow debts and contingent liabilities are factored in:https://cibuk.org/eurozone-debt-dwarfs-that-of-the-uk/

My figures on the EU are drawfrom my book ‘The shadow […]