Treasury Select Committee report on the digital pound

TSC report headline

Published on 9th December 2023

The Treasury Select Committee has issued report about the Bank of England’s digital pound project, also known as ‘Britcoin’, and a UK ‘central bank digital currency’ or ‘CBDC’.

You can download the report here

Its headlines are:

‘Britcoin’ must be introduced via primary legislation that is subject to full Parliamentary scrutiny, and […]

‘Digital pound’ will not be ‘central bank money’ if there are deductions or a settlement delay

‘Digital pound’ consultation

Published on 28th June 2023

We have sent an addendum to our previous response to this consultation on the ‘digital pound’.

Its message is that the ‘digital pound’ will not be a form of ‘central bank money’ if its so-called Distribution Model replicates what happens in the Visa and Mastercard ecosystems on three points.

The consultation […]

Central banks should be wobbling in their drive towards Central Bank Digital Currencies

Published on 8th June 2023 with the underlying article published by IREF Europe on 7th June 2023


Central banks have undertaken many investigations, pilots and proofs-of-concept into Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), proving little beyond the lack of a convincing case in their favour, but unearthing many risks, drawbacks and unanswered questions.

Recent material from Sweden, Japan, […]

Analysis of YouGov surveys commissioned by the Bank of England in connection with its ‘digital pound’ project.

Bank of England’s ‘consultation’ on the ‘digital pound’

Published on 15th May 2023

We previously issued a paper on the YouGov surveys that the Bank of England commissioned to support its work on the ‘digital pound’, the outcome of which work is out for consultation.

We have responded to both the Consultation Paper and the accompanying Technology Working […]

Technology Working Paper accompanying the Bank of England Consultation Paper on the ‘digital pound’

Bank of England ‘consultation’ on the digital pound

Published on 15th May 2023

We have analysed the Technology Working Paper which accompanies the Bank of England’s Consultation Paper on the ‘digital pound’, and responded to the survey.

You can download our responses to the survey questions here.

The UK’s ‘digital pound’, often referred to as ‘Britcoin’, will be a […]

Bank of England consultation on the ‘digital pound’

‘Consultation’ on the digital pound

Published on 15th May 2023

We have responded to this consultation, although it is a sham.

You can download our response here.

The points on which the Bank of England has chosen to consult are narrow, and avoid the most important questions about the ‘digital pound’, which can only be referred to tangentially […]

YouGov surveys commissioned for ‘Britcoin’ Digital Pound project

Published on 9th March 2023

We have analysed the two YouGov surveys issued by the Bank of England and HM Treasury in connection with the public consultation on ‘Britcoin’: the plans for a UK Central Bank Digital Currency.

There is one survey for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, and one for Consumers.

They both consistently over-egg the current take-up […]